Why Choose FISOL3?

Comparison: Triple Strength Fish Oil Vs Others Fish Oil

Why FISOL3 Triple Strength Fish Oil is Better ?

All too often, low cost, generic brands are tempting alternative which only leaves you with an inferior product. Presence of impurities, fishy taste or inadequate amounts of omega-3 fatty acids can compromise product safety and efficacy, making low cost fish oils inadequate for many consumers.

FISOL3 Triple Strength Fish Oil provides a simple solution.


Over 70% omega-3 fatty acids.

Research suggests 1 to 4 grams of EPA/DHA may be needed to attain the benefits associated with omega-3 fatty acids. Advanced molecular distillation processing concentrates FISOL3 fish oil containing over 70% of highly purified omega-3 fatty acids, an amount well above the usual 18% EPA & 12% DHA concentration found in regular fish oil.

Each softgel provides 650mg of EPA and 260mg of DHA. This high concentration allows for greater intake of omega-3 fatty acids in fewer softgels.


More Omega-3 = Faster Results with Lesser Softgels!

  • FISOL 3 has over 910mg omega-3 per softgel
  • That’s 3x more omega-3 than regular fish oil brand
  • Highly purified

2 FISOL3 fishgels contain 1820mg Omega-3 = 6 regular strength fish oil contain 1800mg Omega-3

    • For FISOL3 Brand:
      Over 70% Omega-3
    • For Double Strength Brands:
      60% Omega-3   40% Non-Active
    • For Regular Strength Brands
      30% Omega-3   70% Non-Active

Consumer Tips:
1000 mg Fish Oil is NOT the same as 1000 mg Omega-3. Fish Oil contains Omega-3. 1000 mg regular Fish Oil typically contains only 300 mg Omega-3. The other 700 mg are fats that your body does not need. Always buy products with at least 70% Omega-3.


Ultra refined oil, free of impurities.

Purity of FISOL3 adheres to stringent quality standards established by the European Pharmacopeia (EP), council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) and/or the United States Pharmacopeia (USP).

Environmental contaminants including mercury and other heavy metals and organic toxins such as PCBs and dioxins (PCDDs and PCDs) are removed through careful molecular distillation.


FISOL3 is enteric coated, softgel inside burp free fish oil.

Enteric-coating does two things of good:

  • Reduces fishy burps that people hate!
  • Dramatically increases absorption of Omega-3.

How does it work?
Enteric-coating prevents the softgels from dissolving in your stomach, where there are harsh stomach acids that destroy the delicate Omega-3 fatty acids. Instead, the softgels gradually dissolve in the much gentler environment of the intestines.


A New England Journal of Medicine Study comparing enteric-coated and non-enteric coated fish oils show a marked improved in absorption and benefits of enteric-coated fish oil softgels


A marine-based softgel well-matched to the needs of health conscious consumers and those who are concern about bovine derived softgel.


FISOL3 is verified by third party testing.

Presence of mercury in fish is a primary safety concern that has prompted government warnings about fish consumption. The advanced molecular distillation processes used to purify FISOL3 effectively remove all environment toxins, making it safe to take on a daily basis.

Each batch of FISOL3 is analysed by an accredited third party laboratory to validate its safety, purity and fatty acid content.


More EPA inside, Faster Results in Lesser Softgels!

FISOL3 3x Strength More than Regular Fish Oil. Trusted by Professionals. Preferred by Consumers. 

Common Questions about FISOL3 Triple Strength Fish Oil

What is FISOL3?

“FISOL3 is a triple strength, highly purified, concentration fish oil that containing 650mg EPA and 260mg of DHA per softgel. The softgel is derived from fish and it is enteric coating resulting in burp free and odourless.”

What type of fish is used in FISOL3?

“Wild-harvested anchovy and sardine caught in cold, pristine, deep oceans water. These species of small marine fish have the highest naturally occurring amounts of the long chain omega-3 fatty acids, EPA & DHA.”

Is molecular distillation used to process the fish oil?

“Yes. Molecular distillation, a refinement process that concentrates and purifies EPA & DHA from starter fish oil material is one of the methods used to ensure the quality of FISOL3. A series of additional advanced purifications steps are employed to remove environment contaminants including mercury and other heavy metals, dioxins and PCBs.” 

Does FISOL3 undergo third party testing?

“Yes, an accredited, independent laboratory analyzes every batch of FISOL3 to ensure that published guidelines for purity, potency and freshness are met. A fatty acid profile confirms FISOL3 contains over 70% omega-3. High sensitive testing methodologies for detection of heavy metals and other contaminants are used to verify safety.”

What is the recommended daily dose of fish oil capsules?

“General: For fish oil supplements, dosing should be based on the amount of EPA and DHA (omega-3 fatty acids) in a product, not on the total amount of fish oil. Supplements vary in the amounts and ratios of EPA and DHA. A common amount of regular strength omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil capsules 180mg of EPA and 120mg of DHA. One softgel of FISOL3 is equivalent to 3 capsules of regular strength.”

How does the price of FISOL3 compare to other quality fish oils?

“Not all omega-3 is the same. Gram for gram, FISOL3 is among the most cost effective high potency fish oil products on the market. The omega-3 EPA/DHA are sourced from the world’s most trusted supplier and is the first and only fish oil ingredients to achieve United States Pharmacopeia (USP) Dietary Supplement Ingredient Verification, third party assurance of quality. The omega-3 are exhaustively tested and conform to the global quality and purity standards, including those established by the European Union, Health Canada, and the United States Food and Drup Administration (US FDA).”

Quality is our Priority.

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introducing fisol3 fish oil

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