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Fish Oils A Must for Heart Attack Survivors

SANTA MARIA IMBARO, ITALY. A group of Italian researchers (GISSI) reported in 1999 that supplementation with fish oil reduces the mortality among patients who have

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Older People Benefit from Fish Oils

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON. There is abundant evidence that a diet rich in fatty fish is highly protective against death from heart disease in people 65 years

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Fish Consumption Lowers Heart Rate

LILLE, FRANCE. There is increasing evidence that an elevated heart rate is associated with an increased risk of sudden cardiac death. In the Paris Prospective

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How Much Fish Oil Per Day To Be Given For Good Health

Fish oil is good or not for health and how much fish oil per day is a hot topic nowadays. Researches have been carried on

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Are you getting enough Omega-3?

The American Heart Association(AHA) recommends eating fish two to four times per week. However, even those who eat fish several times a week may not

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Antiarrhythmic Properties of Fish Oils

CHIETI, ITALY. Several large clinical trials have confirmed the ability of fish oils to prevent sudden cardiac death in both presumably healthy subjects as well

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Omega-3 Mechanism of Action

Potential mechanisms by which Omega-3 may reduce risk of cardiovascular disease: Reduce susceptibility of the heart to ventricular rrhythmia Antithrombogenic Hypotriglyceridemic (fasting and postprandial) Retard

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10 Reasons to use fish oil

Ever wondered why fish oil is good for you? Here are the top 10 reasons.

How Omega-3 Benefit You ?

Omega-3 Fish Oil Protect Your Heart Several proven clinical studies have shown high EPA fish oil could reduces heart attack death rates from major coronary

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Omega Fatty Acids Essential Fats That May Help Regulate Inflammation

Omega fatty acids in a typical Western diet, high in refined vegetable oils, Omega-6 is much higher than Omega-3. Too much Omega-6 can cause a

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