Omega-3 Fish Oil for Depression: Lift Your Mood

Why EPA in Fish Oil is Important?

High-EPA Fish oil mitigates Mood Disorders – DHA does not.

More than a dozen successful trials of Omega-3 for mood related disorders, including depression, bipolar disorder, have used EPA primarily or exclusively. These studies have shown that persons with depression have very low EPA omega-3 levels in their blood.

In 1999, a major study from Harvard Medical School revealed that an omega-3 EPA has a very positive effect on fatty acids help nerve cells communicate with each other.

EPA-omega-3 modulates the serotonin turnover and phosphoinositol-mediated signal transduction and L-type Calcium channel regulation.

Recommendation Dosage of FISOL3 Softgels to See Study’s Benefit
Health Condition Dosage of FISOL3 Scientific Source
Depression & bi-polar Depression 3 fishgel per day Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, 2006:67(12):1954-1967
Schizophrenia 3 fishgel per day 3 fishgel per day
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