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FISOL3 Triple Strength Fish Oil Official Launching

FISOL3 Triple Strength Fish Oil is highly concentrated with more than 70% omega-3 fatty acids. Compare this to regular strength 30-35% concentrated, and even double strength 60%, you can see how it would take many more capsules daily to equal the amount of omega-3 fatty acids found in one serving of FISOL3 fish oil.

  • High Potency Especially on EPA
    - 650mg EPA & 260mg DHA per softgel
  • Ultra Pure Fish Oil
    - Free of impurities
  • Burp Free Coating
    - Odourless and increase absorption of omega-3

FISOL3 Triple Strength Fish Oil bring you 3X strength more than regular fish oil. More EPA inside, faster results in lesser softgels!

About FISOL3 Triple Strenght Fish Oil

3x More than Regular Double Strength Fish Oil - More EPA inside, Faster Results in Lesser Softgels!
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