Important Facts You Need to Know About FISOL3 Triple Strength Fish Oil

1. Save Lives
A study of 11,324 patients over a 10 year period proved a significant reduction in CHD deaths with the addition of 1 gram of EPA/DHA Omega-3 on a daily basis (GISSI-Prevenzione Study).


2. Lowers Triglycerides, Balances Cholesterol
Dramatically lowers very High triglygerides and regulates cholesterol by controlling inflammation.


3. Essential to Human Health
Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) are quite literally essential to human health. Essential for cellylar regeneration, hormone production, cardiovascular health, brain function and joint health!


4. Anti-Inflammatory
Inflammation is considered by many doctors and researchers as the root cause of heart disease. If you eat any processed foods, then you will have to contend with some levels of inflammation.


5. Premium, Pure and Certified
FISOL 3 undegoes rigorous distillation and testing processes. Analyzes and certified to meet and surpass all Federal and Internationl cGMP Guidelines.

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